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workplace plus


Quick Start Guide

Use the data generated by Workplace+ to make smarter decisions & improve your office environment, size & safety.

asset tracking plus

Asset tracking+

Quick Start Guide

Start tracking your assets now and innovate with IoT and Low Power connectivity.

safe space plus

Safe space+

Quick Start Guide

Your all-in-one IoT solution for a safe and healthy indoor environments.



Quick Start Guide

Your INSYS kit to get started with industrial data communication.

signage plus


Quick Start Guide

Automate and trigger dynamic signage content across your organization based on real-time sensor data.​

rapid development kits

Rapid development kits

Quick Start Guide

Build an IoT experiment in 30 minutes with our QuickStart Guide and Reference Designs.

also iot devices card

Connect any device

Quick Start Guide

Develop your IoT project by connecting any device to our IoT Platform