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Create new co-branded solutions

The Partner+ Hardware program is a comprehensive Go-To-Market program for IoT devices. In the program you get access to a unique suite of tools & services designed to help grow your business & deliver a great user experience.

Our ideal Partner

A manufacturer of LPWAN sensors or devices

About to launch some new LPWAN sensors or devices

Looking to distribute your LPWAN devices in Europe

How we add value

As a technology provider ALSO not only offers a huge sales channel but adds value to ensure that your customers have a delightful experience when they receive and start using your products.

Creating a compelling user experience


Device + Connectivity + Application


Unique activation code-based rollout, to connect devices at scale


Comprehensive documentation to simplify user journey

Comprehensive GTM support


110k+ channel partners in 23 European countries


Multiple digital & offline marketing options


Co-Create attractive launch offers

Customer Awareness


Device listed on ALSO E-Commerce portals & catalogs


Device profile saved on platform catalogs

Partner Growth path

The Partner+ HW program offers a simple growth path which allows you to remain focused on building innovative IoT devices while we take care of the rest!

step 1



  • Get trained on the ALSO IoT platform
  • Test your devices on the ALSO IoT platform
  • Create device profiles on the ALSO IoT platform
  • Generate early leads

step 2

market introduction


  • Sign distribution agreement with ALSO
  • List devices on ALSO Webshops & Catalogs
  • Train sales teams, channel partners & support teams

step 3


value added services

  • Run joint marketing campaigns
  • Create co-branded IoT solutions

Stefaan Top

ALSO IoT, Director Sales

"Participating in the ALSO IoT partner eco-system offers our partners a unique opportunity to not only benefit from the sales reach of ALSO, but also leverage the technical capabilities of their peers.

Channel partners, Device builders, Application builders, Connectivity and Security providers: each of our partners can thus work together to deliver high quality standardised IoT solutions enabled by the ALSO IoT platform at an affordable cost."


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Explore our
partner programs

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Partner success stories


Jan Willem Smeenk
CEO at Sodaq

Which IoT platform is best for rolling out connected devices? How can we reach out to a global community of IoT innovators or join an emerging market? Jan Willem Smeenk was looking for an IoT platform with the features to respond to these requests. His company SODAQ, builds scalable solar-powered devices for a sustainable Internet of Things. Sodaq found the answer to his questions with the AllThingsTalk Partner+ program.


Andre Blignaut
Head of Sales EMEA

Digital Matter is thrilled to be partnering with ALSO and their global network of partners to sell and deploy incredible low-power asset tracking and management solutions. The combined offer of our range of tracking hardware with ALSO's commercial-ready IoT platform and expertise in LPWAN technologies ensures businesses are fully supported as they go-to-market with reliable and scalable asset tracking solutions at a competitive price point. Technical knowledge and outstanding support make ALSO an exciting partner for us in this fast moving space.