ALSO Workplace+
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Easy-to-deploy & cost-effective offer to allow your customers to discover how to implement IoT to improve the productivity of their workplaces

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An IoT idea at work

We’ve done a lot of work to make it easy for your customers. The kit will get them started with minimal time and effort, because we seamlessly integrate the sensors and LoRa connectivity with our ALSO IoT platform.

Workplace+ Devices

Sensors with pre-provisioned LoRaWAN connectivity

via ALSO Webshops

ALSO IoT Platform

Secure & scalable IoT platform to connect the devices, collect and visualize the data

via ALSO Cloud Marketplace


Ready-to-use application to get started or build your custom applications

via Platform Software Catalog

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Potential Use Cases to start selling!


Ensure social distancing & workspace sanitisation

  •   Real-time tracking to ensure safety and sanitisation of the desk and meetings rooms before next use
  •   Remote access & control without a physical touch of desks and meeting rooms for allocation and reservation
  •   Real-time alerts when a “non-sanitised" desk or meeting room is used

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Optimise workplace cost, capacity and utilisation

  •   Optimise building electricity, heating ventilation, and air conditioning to reduce costs based on real-time data
  •   Allow better use of desks and meeting rooms with real-time occupancy status
  •   Enhance the utilisation of the space by using the data for better space allocation to maximize the ROI

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40% also-arrow-down

Cost saving

Deliver a 40% reduction in energy costs

30% also-arrow-up


Increase in office capacity

20% also-arrow-up


Increase in workspace utilization


Boost productivity and performance with optimal conditions

  •   Monitor real-time air quality, temperature, humidity, sound and lighting levels to improve comfort, productivity and performance
  •   Remote access & control to change the settings for personalized adjustments

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11% also-arrow-down


Improved ventilation can result in up to 11% gains in productivity

15% also-arrow-down


Good lighting can improve performance by 15%


Optimal condition

Performance declines by 2% for each degree above 25°C and by 4.7% for each degree below 21°C


Future-proof Business Model of IoT with ALSO

Create a new business model with ALSO

  •   Easy to order from ALSO Cloud Marketplace & E-Commerce
  •   Automatic delivery & billing managed by ALSO
  •   Co-selling enablement, marketing tools, and dedicated support

Better margins than on traditional IT products

Generate additional margin & revenue

  •   Enable new and ongoing revenue streams through devices, monthly SaaS subscription and added services
  •   Grow & upsell your existing customers

Differentiated portfolio compared to your competition

Build IoT portfolio

  •   Boost your customer retention rate
  •   Set yourself apart with access to pre-configured solution accelerators with OpEx model
  •   Target new markets with solutions that support IoT business use cases, both horizontally and vertically, across industries
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Boost your margin and customer retention rate

Initial Sale

  •   One time:
    Sale of Solution hardware
  •   Recurring:
    Ground - ALSO IoT Platform subscription

Solution Setup

  •   Installation services

Solution Lifecycle

  •   Application margin:
    When customer uses an application


  •   Solution expansion:
    New hardware
  •   Custom development & integration services
  •   Upsell platform subscription
    (More devices/ private instance)
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