ALSO Workplace+
Data to make your workplace better

An IoT solution (accelerator) designed to improve the utilisation & productivity of workspaces. Use the data generated by Workplace+ to make smarter decisions & improve your office environment, size & safety.

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An IoT idea at work

​We've done a lot of work to ensure that your IoT deployment is easy & delightful. ​The devices and the LoRaWAN connectivity are seamlessly integrated through the ALSO IoT platform, offering a convenient rollout experience. This allows you to focus on the data to optimize your workspace & environment and leave technology complexity to us.

Workplace+ Devices

Sensors with pre-provisioned LoRaWAN connectivity

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ALSO IoT Platform

Secure & scalable IoT platform to connect the devices, collect and visualize the data

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Ready-to-use application to get started or build your custom applications

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Use Cases


Ensure social distancing & workspace sanitisation

  •   Real-time tracking of desks & meeting rooms usage to schedule sanitisation and ensure safety before next use
  •   Monitor occupancy of desks & meeting rooms to optimise allocation and reservation
  •   Alerts when a “non-sanitised" desk or meeting room is used

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Optimise workplace cost, capacity and utilisation

  •   Optimise office space & rental costs based on actual usage of rooms/ desks
  •   Optimise electricity and HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) cost based on real-time data of office utilisation

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40% also-arrow-down

Cost saving

Deliver a 40% reduction in energy costs

30% also-arrow-up


Increase in office capacity

20% also-arrow-up


Increase in workspace utilization


Boost productivity by providing a healthy office environment

  •   Improve comfort, productivity & performance by monitoring real-time air quality, lighting, sound & temperature
  •   Remote access & control to change the settings for personalised adjustments

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11% also-arrow-down


Improved ventilation can result in up to 11% gains in productivity

15% also-arrow-down


Good lighting can improve performance by 15%


Optimal condition

Performance declines by 2% for each degree above 25°C and by 4.7% for each degree below 21°C



Drop in performance when exposed to distracting noise

Optimise occupancy and cost of parking lots

  •   Monitor parking space occupancy in real time
  •   Use occupancy data to allow employees and customers to quickly find free parking slots and avoid waste of time  and frustration
  •   Use collected occupancy data to optimize the real need of parking space and resulting cost

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Other places where the Workplace+ can be used

Co-working and private offices
Green houses and food storages
Education institutions / Libraries
Public buildings / Hotels / Expo centers / etc.
Nursing and care homes

Choose the devices best suited for your needs​


Starter Kit

Selection of sensors & LoRa Gateway
Eye Device
Monitor meeting room occupancy ​
Desk Device
Monitor desk occupancy
Sound Device
Monitor sound level in an indoor space​
Environmental Device​
Monitor CO2 level in an indoor space

Interested to become
a device partner
or reseller?

Parking Lot Sensor​
Monitor occupancy of a parking space


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