Why partner with AllThingsTalk™?


Be first to market

A proven go-to-market for IoT network service providers and IoT product distributors. The combined offer of AllThingsTalk technology, products and expertise is the most accessible way to discover the potential of IoT.


Be first to revenue

The partnership materialises in a relevant customer offer in sync with market demand as of the earliest stage of market development


Be first to volume

Partners can benefit from the ecosystem partnerships of AllThingsTalk to accelerate the path to volume and benefit from economies of scale


Be first to ROI

Partners can tap into new revenue sources from the sales of IoT platform cloud subscriptions, as of the earliest stage of market development.

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Proven IoT go-to-market for LPWAN Network Providers


Hardware kits

Plug & Play LPWAN Rapid Development Kits  

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Integrated networks

Automated subscription and connection to LPWAN networks

LoRaWAN      NB-IoT



Whitelabel IoT Platform

Connect sensors, Collect & Visualize data, Use & Share data

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Have your first LPWAN experiments running in 30 minutes

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"AllThingsTalk Partner+ Program takes away all the difficult steps!"


- Jan Willem Smeenk, CEO 


Which IoT platform is best for rolling out connected devices? How can we reach out to a global community of IoT innovators or join an emerging market? Jan Willem Smeenk was looking for an IoT platform with the features to respond to these requests. His company SODAQ, builds scalable solar-powered devices for a sustainable Internet of Things. Sodaq found the answer to his questions with the AllThingsTalk Partner+ program.

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