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Let us help you quickly discover the value of collected data and connected plants and machines in industrial environment

Activate your
ALSO account

  1. Once your reseller partner orders the Ground subscription within the ALSO IoT Platform, you’ll get an email to activate the account
  2. Click on Complete your account to activate a new Ground and start using the service
  3. This account is needed to activate the Industrial IoT Kit from INSYS icom

and checking

  1. Open the box and ensure that everything you ordered is inside
  2. Check the link for the online documentation on the quick start card inside of the box
  3. The information provided on that site contains all details which are shortly described in the following chapters

Commissioning the device

  1. Wire the router to power supply, antennas and sensor
  2. Connect the router to a configuration PC via Ethernet
  3. Connect the router to the Internet (WAN) via Wi-Fi using our Startup Wizard (alternatively via Ethernet or 2G/3G/4G)
  4. Install the icom Data Suite on the Router) by using our installation wizard
  5. Activate the trial period of the icom Data Suite
  6. Upload the prepared configuration to the icom Data Suite

Commissioning the

  1. Add a new device in the ALSO IoT Platform (”) by choosing “Industrial IoT Kit”
  2. Enter the device credentials (Device Token, Device ID) into the icom Data Suite configuration of your IoT Gateway and activate the configuration
  3. Test the application: receive data from the gateway in the ALSO IoT platform (send interval 5 Minutes or triggered by 2 digital Inputs) and send control commands to the gateway from ALSO IoT Platform
  4. With this step you finished the installation successfully

Visualise & share data

  1. Now that you’ve connected the IoT Gateway (Router) to the ALSO IoT Platform, the user-friendly data visualisation is a way to go
  2. Therefore, create a first Pinboard (dashboard), customise it to your needs and intelligently determine data patterns over time
  3. You can also share the Pinboard with other members you invite to your Ground or embed it to another web page

How it works

  1. Now make a deep dive and discover the multiple possibilities of the application software icom Data Suite
  2. Learn how flexible the configuration can be done, using the examples of Modbus sensor values, gateway internal values, timers, internal flags, arithmetic, MQTT combined in an event driven system

the solution

  1. With installing the icom Data Suite and connecting to the ALSO IoT Platform you turned an industrial router into an Industrial IoT gateway
  2. It took only a few minutes to enable you to monitor collected data from your Modbus sensor in a modern cloud system
  3. You can now start a bidirectional communication between the cloud and your device without investing any further programming efforts with some time invested in the configuration
  4. Observe and display essential environmental data such as temperature and humidity as well as device status information
  5. Control the test signal by sending commands down to the device
  6. Because of its flexibility it is a perfect starting point for possible next steps as e.g. integration into your machine or site

Go one step ahead

  1. Create your own rules for monitoring and notification; You can start to use data from your Ground more extensively in other applications using our APIs, Webhooks and other integration options
  2. Connect your own sensors, actuators or PLCs by using Modbus (or other protocol connectors such as Siemens S7, Codesys, OPC UA) and add them as assets in the ALSO IoT Platform. Discover further options for local data pre-processing
  3. Connect your machine from Peking, London or Dubai to the ALSO IoT Platform using the VPN service from INSYS icom (icom Connectivity Suite)
  4. Protecting the application for productive operation: change default passwords and activate encrypted communication to the ALSO IoT Platform

Work in progress

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