ALSO SafeSpace+
Get started in minutes with this step-by-step guide

Activate your
ALSO IoT account

  1. Once your reseller orders the Ground subscription within the ALSO IoT Platform, you’ll get an email to activate the account
  2. Click on "Complete your account" link to activate your new Ground and start using it
  3. Choose your username and password and get into your Ground
  4. You'll use this account to activate the SafeSpace+ device(s) and collect the related data

IMPORTANT: Whether you ordered only one device or a combination with Workplace+ Solution Accelerator, you need an active subscription for the ALSO IoT Platform to retrieve the data from device(s)!


Unboxing v2
  1. Open the box to find your SafeSpace+ device(s)
  2. The device comes in pair; the first one is infrared (IR) transmitter and the second is receiver. The device detects people when the IR beam is interrupted
  3. Write down or save the activation code(s). It may be tricky to obtain them after mounting the device(s). Next to it, you’ll need them for the device activation procedure (at step 4)

Set up the LoRa Gateway

  1. Screw the white flat antenna into the connector at the side of the gateway
  2. Insert the provided LAN cable into the only LAN port
  3. Plug in the power adapter to the gateway and to the power outlet
  4. The gateway will have the first LED on, which states that the gateway is turned on
  5. That's it. You can continue to activate your devices and see the data on IoT platform within minutes!

Activate SafeSpace+ device(s)

    1. Go to ALSO IoT Platform and log in with your credentials
    2. Enter your Ground and click on +NEW DEVICE button at the upper left corner
    3. Type the Activation code provided on the back of the SafeSpace+ device, on the grey sticker and click FIND
    4. Done! The device assets are now created and will be populated with the sensor data once you put the batteries in the device
    5. Feel free to rename your devices as you wish: hover over the device’s name > click on the pen icon > rename it > hit Enter
    6. Repeat the activation procedure for the rest of SafeSpace+ devices, if applicable

Device installation

  1. Before installing the device physically on the desired location we recommend to setup the LoRaWAN settings in advance. This includes the setup needed within the LoRa network and IoT platform
    • if you have the Activation code, your device will be created automatically in Loriot network upon activating the device in ALSO IoT Platform
  2. Place the batteries into the IR transmitter to power on the device. To activate the IR Transmitter press and release the small Activation Button. The status LED will blink ​RED​ twice during activation.
  3. When mounting the People Counter take care of the following:
  • The device with arrows on the back sticker (Counter A & B) must go to the LEFT side, in the direction of entering the area!
  • The maximum distance between the transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) is 8 meter.
  • To count adults we recommend to use a mounting height between 125cm and 140cm.
  • Use a wall or another steady object to mount the People Counter on.

NOTE: For the official Installation Guide, please follow this document.

Visualise the data


  1. After adding your device(s) in the Ground and mounting to the point of your choice (for instance: entrance doors), you can easily create the user friendly data visualisation
  2. A compelling Pinboard will inform an interested audience with the number of people entered or exited the area, as well as how many are currently in the area you are monitoring
  3. To add a visual control, click on the pen icon at the upper right corner and then on the “New pin”. Choose the Total Counter A and B, along with Currently IN and you're set for letting your customers know a valuable information whether they can enter or not.

NOTE: Take a look on this explanatory Tutorial that'll show you how to create compelling Pinboards and amaze your customers simply with the sensory data.

Integrate with amazing applications!


  1. SafeSpace+ data from ALSO IoT Platform can be integrated with various applications from 3rd party vendors, simply by using Webhooks (HTTP requests) or our own API set.
  2. For instance, a digital signage vendors is a "way to go", where you can monitor people entering and exiting the desired area and display the current state on tablets, monitors, (smart) TVs and more!
  3. Learn how to integrate the ALSO IoT Platform's data with external data hubs; just visit our Learning Centre

NOTE: Take a look on our quite explanatory tutorials about integrations with Power Automate, Power BI, or Excel in SharePoint.