ALL-IN-ONE Asset Tracking

Peace of mind offer including long life battery powered devices (up to 7 years), low power LTE-M connectivity and ready-to use Apps. Start tracking your assets now and innovate with IoT and LTE-M low power connectivity.
Special offer
Get 3 tracking devices for free (including 12 months LTE-M connectivity) along with your ALSO IoT Platform subscription.

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ALSO Asset Tracking - Just try I(o)T

Get started to track your assets

ALL-IN-ONE IoT Tracking Offer
  • 1-year worry-free solution for a fixed price
  • Easy set up, ready-to-use Apps - it just works
Covers all outdoor situations
  • Ruggedised & waterproof IP67
    Low power (3xAA batteries for up to 7 years)

Surprisingly simple

geofence map green location history map orange

Discover Internet Of Things

  • 3 Tracking devices (OYSTER 2 by Digital Matter)
  • 1-year LTE-M low power connectivity for 3 devices
  • 1-year ALSO IoT subscription with ready-to-use Apps

Longevity by design

Track any asset

deliveryBox Delivery Box popup

Delivery box

container Trolley Container Trolley popup

Small containers and Trolleys

Small truck
buldozer Buldozer popup

And many more

Ready-to-use Apps


geofence map

Define perimeters and get alerts when assets move out of it

Location History

location history map

Visualise assets & get location history reports


Avoid loss or theft of assets

Optimise your logistic flow by knowing exactly where your assets are

Identify new business models based on usage

Provide tracking insight to your customers

Customer use cases



Customer problem:

Track equipment usage time in different fields
Monitor equipment when not used

ALSO Solution:

Geo-fencing to alert unexpected moves
Tracking data to calculate equipment usage

yellow boxes

End of Life IT equipment

Customer problem:

Secure transport of sensitive IT equipment
Certification for service
Save manpower cost

ALSO Solution:

Real-time and historical location of goods
Alerts in case of tampering

Small truck


Customer problem:

Track valuable shipments across multiple contractors

Inform recipients 1 hour before delivery is due - faster deliveries

ALSO Solution:

Multiple applications based on real-time asset location data

ALSO Asset Tracking

  • 3 Tracking devices (OYSTER 2)
  • 1-year LTE-M low power connectivity
  • 1-year ALSO IoT subscription with ready-to-use Apps
  • Longevity by design
  • Low power (3xAA batteries for up to 7 years)

Oyster 2 Key Features and Benefits

  • Battery powered GPS tracker
  • Up to 7 years battery life
  • LTE-M low power connectivity
  • Ruggedised & waterproof (IP67)
  • High precision GPS
  • Fits any outdoor use case
Oyster 2 Digital Matter

Another IoT idea at work

ALSO Asset Tracking

Idea Step One

Hardware & Connectivity

  • 3x tracking devices
  • 1-year low power LTE-M connectivity
via ALSO E-Commerce
Idea Step Two

ALSO IoT Platform

  • Subscription to ALSO IoT Platform
via ALSO Cloud Market Place
Idea Step Three


  • GEOFENCE App (create virtual fences)
  • LOCATION HISTORY App (historical location data)
  • Dashboard and notifications
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