Partner+ Training Program

Join the ALSO Partner program for IoT and benefit from our expertise and market reach. A unique opportunity to register for our training series


New training series, new content, starting on May 10th
8 Sessions of 45 minutes each
by ALSO & Partners

We are happy to share the expertise we accumulated over the past 8 years while we developed our IoT platform and worked closely with hardware builders, telecom operators and application developers


  1. Get trained on IoT technologies and our IoT platform
  2. Get direct insight from device, connectivity and application partners
  3. Become part of the ALSO IoT business ecosystem and benefit from ALSO’s market reach

Training Calendar

The new training series starts on May 10th. Note that you have to register to all training sessions individually.
Just follow the registration links for each date.

Series 4

  1. 1. Introduction to IoT May 10th
  2. 2. Introduction to the ALSO IoT platform May 17th
  3. 3. Introduction to Low Power connectivityMay 19th
  4. 4. Industrial IoT with InsysMay 24th
  5. 5. AssetTracking+ with Digital MatterJune 14th
  6. 6. RealwearJune 16th
  7. 7. Signage+ with OtrumJune 21st
  8. 8. Workplace+ with ElsysSeptember 6th

Session Description

Introduction to IoT 

General introduction into IoT, the eco-system and how sensor data bring value

Introduction to the ALSO IoT platform 

Introduction to ALSO IoT platform with a high-level overview of Grounds, devices, assets, pinboards, applications and rules

Industrial IoT with Insys

Learn about Industrial Io T and Industrial data communication with insight from our partner Insys

Introduction to Low Power IoT connectivity

Low Power connectivity is key to IoT solutions. The session will focus on the value of LPWAN and provide an overview of the LPWAN technology spectrum.

AssetTracking+ with Digital Matter

Discover Asset Tracking solutions and our AssetTracking+ starter kit with our partner Digital Matter


The Realwear Navigator 500 Assisted Reality Smart Glasses unlock potential for new applications for the industry such as remote expert guidance, virtual assist and digital document navigation

Signage+ with Otrum

Discover Digital Signage solutions and our Signage+ starter kit with our partner Otrum

Workplace+ with Elsys

Discover IoT possibilities improved workplace environment and workplace management, including our Workplace+ starter kit with our partner Elsys