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AllThingsTalk software enables product development firms to focus on the conceptualisation of IoT products and services that innovate our lives. AllThingsTalk Spaces offers a white-label platform that takes care of rapid prototyping, data visualisation and scalability. Additionally, AllThingsTalk Partner+ provides easy roll-out of your connected products and gives customers hassle-free enrolment with a single activation code.

A scalable IoT product from scratch in three steps


Be in the know 

The Internet of Things is not a single technology. There's hardware, networks and their protocols, data visualisation, analytics, complex algorithms, and much more. Know what's available for building the best possible IoT product.


Rapid prototyping

IoT product development is a matter of just trying things out. Quickly make prototypes of even the smallest idea. Through trial and error, you’ll rapidly refine and take control of the process of product development until you create the product you need.


Rinse and repeat

The many different IoT technologies offer a lot of flexibility in building the perfect product, but at the same time they can distract you from what's important: creating something of great value for the user. You'll have to select the right components that allow for just that and enable you to create a repeatable IoT product development process.

Any questions about IoT product development? We have the answers.

You might have tons of questions about IoT, its platforms or how to use it to develop products . Luckily, we have the answers. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

With all these interesting IoT technologies, how do I keep my focus on actual product innovation?

Remember that technology is only a means to an end. First, think about possible opportunities to develop a new product and ask yourself how it adds value to customers. Only then should you consider which technologies to use. Even after picking a technology, you’ll still need to think about the customer experience before going ahead with your product. Identified an interesting opportunity and picked IoT as your go-to tech? Then AllThingsTalk Spaces can help you achieve your end goals using the most relevant technologies.

Where do I start with IoT product development?

Bring even the glimmer of an idea to life by creating a prototype. With AllThingsTalk Spaces, you have a versatile and affordable tool that allows you to quickly prototype with a minimum of effort and investment. The decision to go ahead with the production of a new product is not one your customers make lightly. So an early test set-up that shows them the potential of an idea is invaluable. The insights they gain from this will help them make critical business decisions.

How will IoT help me to continuously improve my products and services?

Connected objects let you closely monitor and collect data on product usage. With the insights gained from this information, you can tailor products to your customers' wishes and usage much better and faster. This way, you effectively meet their requirements even before they arise.

Want to know more about how to best develop IoT products?

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AllThingsTalk Partner+

Design for innovation, faster than ever before



Show customers where to find real value by rapidly prototyping their IoT ideas.



Make the product tangible. Swiftly turn the prototype into the first version of the final product that your customers can actually hold.



Define your metrics, collect data from your connected products and use these to improve your current and future products. This way, you're guaranteed to stay ahead of the competition.

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IoT product development with AllThingsTalk Spaces and Partner+

AllThingsTalk Spaces

Prototype, launch and scale connected products with ease


Connect your device to the appropriate network


Collect the captured data


Visualise collected data to gain insights from them


Feed the data to your own application

AllThingsTalk Spaces

AllThingsTalk Partner+

A convenient and quick roll-out of your connected devices


Work on your hardware prototype until you are satisfied with it


Create activation codes for your devices


Give your customers hassle-free device enrolment

AllThingsTalk Partner+