Boost customer's business with IoT applications

An IoT application enablement platform like AllThingsTalk Spaces is ideal for showing your customers how to develop their businesses with IoT. With AllThingsTalk Spaces, you can meet their needs in the blink of an eye, lead the iterative development process and shorten their time-to-market. All through your own branded IoT platform.

 AllThingsTalk Spaces

Become an effective IoT Solution and Application consultant


Step 1: Get to grips with the technologies that drive the Internet of Things: hardware devices such as sensors, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, data visualisation, analytics and much more.


Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of IoT. Understand how you can help your customers improve their processes and innovate their businesses.


Step 3: Pick an all-encompassing IoT application enablement platform that helps you get the most out of IoT for your customers without breaking a sweat. 

Any questions about IoT application enablement platforms? We have the answers.

You might have tons of questions about IoT and its platforms. Luckily, we have the answers. Listed below are some of the  most frequently asked questions.

What do I tell my customers to make an IoT platform attractive?

An IoT platform like AllThingsTalk Spaces drives value for your business. With our software, your customers can tap into new sources of revenue and dramatically cut costs. The IoT-based services and products developed on AllThingsTalk Spaces will improve customer loyalty thanks to better services and new enticing products, fast.

Can I use the same IoT platform for prototyping and market deployment ?

Yes, you can with AllThingsTalk Spaces. Our platform is perfectly suited to rapid prototyping. It is also designed to scale up from market introduction to rapid deployment. From the earliest stages of development to the end product, the entire platform can be used under your own brand. Combined with the openness of AllThingsTalk Spaces thanks to APIs, it offers accessibility and scalability in a unique way.

I want to select the IoT platform that offers the most options. What do I need to look out for?

A growing range of functionalities. Given that every component of the IoT landscape, whether it's hardware, networks, visualisation or security, is rapidly evolving. Your ideal IoT platform should continuously expand its options based on customer insights and feedback. At AllThingsTalk, progress and evolution is at our core and we strive to bring these to developers and end users in the most convenient way. Our goal: to help you, as an IoT Solution and Application consultant, focus on developing your customers' applications, while almost effortlessly putting these new technologies to work for you and them.

For every answer I get, two more questions pop into my head. What do I do?

Get started and discover the possibilities of IoT for yourself. And don't worry, we're here to help. With prototyping tools, a comprehensive IoT application enablement platform and a wide variety of connectivity, you'll turn IoT ideas into a reality in no time. Discover a new, continuously accelerating world full of technological advancements with AllThingsTalk. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now.

 AllThingsTalk Spaces

Why AllThingsTalk?


We make you lightning fast

By providing easy access to the various and complex technologies that make up the Internet of Things, we accelerate your development process. Implementing ideas for innovative products takes a matter of hours. AllThingsTalk provides the ideal tool for iterating at will and continuously improving development.


We offer you the entire package

Whether it be device enrolment, network access, data collation and visualisation, storage or accessible automation rules, AllThingsTalk offers everything needed to build end-to-end IoT products and services. In one ready-to-use package. Subscribe to start and scale.


We're the ones you can count on

Resilient, secure and cost-effective, AllThingsTalk provides the reliability you need with our proven services. No unexpected surprises, just an IoT platform that works. Together with our partners, we grow and strengthen our IoT business ecosystem. Join us and exchanges ideas and best practices that benefit your customers.

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Where we've made the difference

Do you want a tried and tested IoT application enablement platform? These happy customers have already paved your path towards innovation with IoT. Read how AllThingsTalk Spaces under their own brand made the difference.


"AllThingsTalk Spaces makes the combined IoT technologies very accessible. We couldn’t find the limitations yet!"


- Nico Staels, CEO


IKANDA builds Digital Journeys to optimise workspace experience and make smarter facilities management decisions using AllThingsTalk Spaces. The IKANDA branded IoT platform collects and uses data from sensors to fuel powerful analytics and optimise the usage of office facilities.

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