Are you ready to connect your devices?

You've built your connected hardware. Want to know if it's ready to go? Complete our checklist below to see what you need to do to get your device up and running.

  • Register your connected device in a cloud
  • Configure the network settings for your hardware
  • Activate the IoT device on the network
  • Provide your clients with easy-to-use device enrolment tools
  • Aggregate sensor data and feed it to an application
  • Ensure the end-to-end security of both the device and the data
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AllThingsTalk Partner+ Program Features

AllThingsTalk Partner+
Device provisioning
Watchdog service
Data Storage
Data Storage
Rules Engine
Geo trigger
Online support, office hours
AllThingsTalk Community
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Can we interest you in gaining more time and money for you and your customers?

Sounds good, you say, but how? With the AllThingsTalk Partner+ programme, there is just one step between the device prototype and rollout for your customer.



Build your prototype. Perfect it until you are satisfied with the result.



Create QR or other activation codes for your devices and ship them together with your hardware.



Give your customers a hassle-free enrolment. Connecting devices and capturing their data is a simple matter of filling in the codes on your device rollout page.

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testimonial_logo_sodaq    testimonial_logo_sodaq

"AllThingsTalk Partner+ Program takes away all the difficult steps!"


- Jan Willem Smeenk, CEO 


Which IoT platform is best for rolling out connected devices? How can we reach out to a global community of IoT innovators or join an emerging market? Jan Willem Smeenk was looking for an IoT platform with the features to respond to these requests. His company SODAQ, builds scalable solar-powered devices for a sustainable Internet of Things. Sodaq found the answer to his questions with the AllThingsTalk Partner+ program.

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"Simplify the integration and device management in an IoT platform.”


- Kristof Derdaele, CTO & Founder  


If you are wondering which IoT platform is best for to roll out your newly designed connected device, then we invite you to subscribe to our Partner+ network and join a vibrant IoT business ecosystem. You'll gain insights into how your devices are used. To materialise their customers' ideas IoTdepot uses AllThingsTalk Partners+ who can quickly connect and use their devices.

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