Partner+ Training Program

Join the ALSO Partner program for IoT and benefit from our expertise and market reach. A unique opportunity to register for our training series


11 Sessions of 45 minutes each,
2 consecutive curricula starting on 4 October

We are happy to share the expertise we accumulated over the past 8 years while we developed our IoT platform and worked closely with hardware builders, telecom operators and application developers


  1. Train your IT experts on IoT technologies and our IoT platform
  2. Let them acquire the knowledge to integrate your hardware and/or applications with the ALSO IoT platform
  3. Based on that expertise you’ll be able to become part of the ALSO IoT business ecosystem and benefit from ALSO’s market reach

Participants profile

  • IT experts and developers
  • Background in either hardware building, application development or network operations

Training Calendar

Two complete training series are being offered, please choose between series 1 (starting on October 5th)
and series 2 (starting on November 9th). Note that you have to register to all training sessions individually. Just follow the registration links for each date.

Series 1

  1. 1. Introduction to IoT October 5th
  2. 2. Introduction to the ALSO IoT platform October 7th
  3. 3. Introduction to Low Power IoT connectivity October 12th
  4. 4. Develop your IoT application October 14th
  5. 5. Connect your devices October 19th
  6. 6. EARL - introduction October 21st
  7. 7. EARL - advancedOctober 26th
  8. 8. WebhooksOctober 28th
  9. 9. Integration with Microsoft Power tools November 2nd
  10. 10. Device templates & activation codes November 4th
  11. 11. ActuatorsNovember 9th

Series 2

  1. 1. Introduction to IoT November 9th
  2. 2. Introduction to the ALSO IoT platform November 16th
  3. 3. Introduction to Low Power IoT connectivity November 18th
  4. 4. Develop your IoT application (Part 1)November 23rd
  5. 5. Develop your IoT application (Part 2) December 1st
  6. 6. Connect your devices November 25th
  7. 7. EARL - introduction November 30th
  8. 8. EARL - advancedDecember 2nd
  9. 9. WebhooksDecember 7th
  10. 10. Integration with Microsoft Power tools December 9th
  11. 11. Device templates & activation codes December 14th
  12. 12. ActuatorsDecember 16th

Session Description

Introduction to IoT 

This introduction to IoT will provide you insight into the technology and the eco-system. From connecting devices and sensors to using the data and building value. We will also provide a first introduction to the ALSO IoT Platform.

Introduction to the ALSO IoT platform 

This session will provide insight into the ALSO IoT Platform, including an overview of Grounds, devices, assets, pinboards, applications and rules.

Introduction to Low Power IoT connectivity

Low Power connectivity is key to IoT solutions. The session will focus on the value of LPWAN and provide an overview of the LPWAN technology spectrum.

Develop your IoT application

Learn how to develop your IoT application with the ALSO IoT Platform. The session will cover tools to build applications, using API & MQTT and will show a demo application.

Connect your devices

Learn how to easily connect a device to the ALSO IoT Platform, including use of pre-provisioned devices with activation codes.

EARL - introduction

ALSO IoT Platform comes with a powerful, integrated rules engine. A rules engine lets you automate work by defining actions that need to be taken in response to a set of triggers. To define rules, no code writing experience is needed. Rules Designer is a “drag-and-drop" environment that you can use to define the logic of any complexity.

EARL - advanced

EARL is a rule engine that enables you to manipulate over your IoT data using our graphical interface (GUI). Behind that is a powerful custom code editor where you can perform mathematical (+, -, etc.), logical (>, <, etc.) and another powerful operations and decide what will be the actionable output (e.g. change the CO2 label to RED if the value is over 1000 ppm).


Webhooks provide a way for an internet platform to communicate with external APIs. In the case of ALSO IoT Platform, webhooks are Rule Engine action components that, when triggered, send HTTP requests to a predefined URL. Webhook component is used for interfacing with external HTTP APIs when a Rule is triggered. Standard HTTP features such as the request method, headers, and request body are all supported.

Integration with Microsoft Power tools

Learn how to integrate with Microsoft tools such as Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps. The session will demonstrate some examples by creating an integration with Power Automate / Power BI / Power Apps.

Device templates & activation codes

Learn how to create device templates in the ALSO IoT Platform and create activation codes using API calls.


Learn more about actuators, what they are and how to use them. The session will include examples of using actuators in real world cases.