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Rapid Development Kit

The first kit to rapidly prototype IoT ideas,
using the long-range, low-power IoT Network

LoRaWAN™ based
Product Kit

Quickly materialise your innovative ideas
involving location, position and movement

AllThingsTalk NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit

AllThingsTalk NB-IoT
Rapid Development Kit

The NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit includes an Arduino computer, NB-IoT radio module and plug n’ play sensors to get you quickly started and experience the power of NB-IoT.

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Orange™ NB-IoT
Rapid Development Kit

Kickstart your IoT initiative.
Orange offers everything you need to
develop and build prototypes and products
using the Orange IoT network in Belgium.


Build Your Own
Customized Solution

Develop your personal IoT in a Rapid Development Kit with AllThingsTalk Maker Platform