You are privileged to be amongst the first to access the Proximus IoT network

As you are part of the first users of the LoRa Rapid Development Kit, you get a free subscription to the Proximus developer program!

To get access to the Proximus IoT Network you need to sign up as a Proximus developer* and register your LoRa device. To do so, go to following webpage:

You will also be required to register your LoRa DEV EUI number, this is the unique identification of your LoRa device. You will find this LoRa DEV EUI on the label below.

if you already have an existing account on AllThingsTalk Maker, we recommend to create a Proximus developer account with the same email address to avoid duplicate accounts.

Useful links

We recommend you to discover and bookmark the online documentation, which includes many useful tutorials as well as experiments to get you started.

Whenever you need help or have specific questions, email us at

The AllThingsTalk developer community is growing, and we invite you to become an active member of it. If you have build a great prototype we invite you to share it with our community and publish it at