Introducing Earl - The new rule engine from AllThingsTalk

The 1st webinar from AllThingsTalk on Earl, our new rule engine. AllThingsTalk is proud to introduce Earl, our next generation rule and automation engine which brings drag & drop simplicity to create rules and merge your business processes with your IoT projects. 

Join the on-demand webinar to learn to:

    • Automate your IoT project with a rule engine
    • Discover Earl and use it like a pro
    • Drag and drop to create simple rules for the real-world projects

About the speaker

20190221-_IM_7338Danilo Vidovic

Senior Software Engineer - AllThingsTalk
Danilo leads the design and development of the next generation rule engine, Earl. With interests ranging from human-computer interaction to building systems that scale, he's eager to see the future that IoT brings us.

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