ALSO IoT Launch Promo

Get started with IoT in your workplaces with ALSO Workplace+ Solution Accelerator & ALSO IoT Platform Ground Subscription
Duration: July 15 - September 30, 2020(1)

Purchase an annual prepaid subscription of the ALSO IoT Platform Ground and get a discount of EUR 450(2) on the Workplace+ Solution Accelerator hardware(3).



(1) Or until stocks last, whichever is earlier

(2) The discount is available only with a unique Ground subscription and can be availed once during the ALSO IoT Launch Promo duration

(3) The discount is available only on Workplace+ devices/ kits with a minimum order value of  EUR 450 ex VAT and without shipping costs


 Equivalent amount of EUR 450

Swiss Francs

CHF 478

Swedish Krona

SEK 4661

Danish Krone

DKK 3356

Norwegian Krone

NOK 4763

Polish Zloty

PLN 2004