Transparent set up and use of low power connectivity

Something revolutionary has started

AllThingsTalk Connectivity+, is a game-changing solution that enables ALSO partners to seamlessly deliver and manage IoT connectivity and subscriptions. This comprehensive IoT connectivity service offers reliable, full-scale, and cross-border IoT connectivity.  

And best of all...
it all starts as of your first SIM

Enterprises, small and bigger:

Have one single source for all IoT connectivity across borders.

Use the AllThingsTalk Connectivity+ Management Dashboard to monitor usage and manage the individual SIMs and subscriptions in the most convenient way.

Buy the IoT connectivity service from their preferred Managed Service Partner who offers a single invoice for all IoT connectivity services.

Have 24/7 support provided by experts.

Managed service partners

Resell IoT connectivity alongside hardware devices, applications, and custom solutions & services

Operate as a one-stop IoT shop for their customers

Create and brand differentiated IoT connectivity tariffs for specific target markets

Hardware builders and application developers

Integrate connectivity with their devices or applications

Offer their product as-a-Service through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Network operators are welcome

Network operators can integrate their network into the AllThingsTalk Connectivity+ solution and offer their services to the SME market.

In partnership with ALSO they can create differentiated tariffs for specific markets within using their own brand, AllThingsTalk IoT Connectivity+ or any brand that best fits the offer.