Enable technologies, build business

The IoT technology enabler

Enable technologies

With the AlllThingsTalk IoT platform, we integrate the technologies of the ALSO IoT technology partners. This integration adds convenience for customers to connect sensors and collect, visualise and use IoT data.

The portfolio of technology partners includes:

  • Hardware device builders
  • Connectivity providers
  • Application developers

Build business

In close collaboration with selected Managed Service Providers, we build the IoT business using the sensors, connectivity services and applications from the ALSO IoT technology provider. Based on their customers’ requirements and their own insights, MSP’s build the solutions adding their high level expertise and services.

A 10-year journey
And it's only the beginning...

Taking a look back - keeping moving ahead



Launch of the IoT Maker platform accessible to all, IoT Rapid Development, an IoT ecosystem in a box for prototyping


loTopia program for education


Extension of the Rapid Development Kits range with access to Low Power Wide Area Networks: LoRaWAN (Proximus 2015), NB IoT (Orange and T-Systems 2017), LTE-m (Orange 2018)


Expansion of the IoT platform offer with Spaces (private instances of the IoT platform), including Spaces with UGent in 2017, InsightAir, Vodafone (NL) and Orange (BE)


Partner+ program starting in 2018 (SodaQ, Elsys, Insys, Ellenex, Digital Matter)


ALSO acquires AllThingsTalk. AllThingsTalk becomes the cornerstone of the ALSO strategy to build an IoT business ecosystem


launch of solution acceleration kits (Workplace+ and Track&Trace).


Expansion of portfolio of sensor vendors to address more solution areas


Launch of AllThingsTalk Connectivity+, a pan-European NB-IoT and LTE-m service with transparent dashboard, tailored to customer needs