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Bring IoT to your business with AllThingsTalk

Do you have bright ideas for innovating your business with the Internet of Things? Great! Now let's make them happen with the AllThingsTalk Cloud, our IoT product platform. Connect your devices to the network of your choice. In the blink of an eye, you'll be able to extract, visualise and use the collected data. We handle the technology, so that you can focus on process and product innovation. AllThingsTalk is your partner for swiftly turning your IoT projects into a reality, from idea to product rollout.

What our customers have to say

From the way we listen to how we learn and connect, these innovative companies benefit from AllThingsTalk Cloud Platform.


"AllThingsTalk Spaces makes the combined IoT technologies very accessible. We couldn’t find the limitations yet!"


- Nico Staels, CEO


IKANDA builds Digital Journeys to optimise workspace experience and make smarter facilities management decisions using AllThingsTalk Spaces. The IKANDA branded IoT platform collects and uses data from sensors to fuel powerful analytics and optimise the usage of office facilities.

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"Manage, visualise your data and add automation through an integrated rules engine."


- Jan Willem Smeenk, CEO 


Sodaq creates scalable solutions to connect things outdoors and designs hardware components for sensing, actuation, power generation, processing, and connectivity. AllThingsTalk Maker is Sodaq’s IoT platform of choice to connect devices to a variety of networks and visualise, use and store the collected data.

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"Simplify the integration and device management in an IoT platform.”


- Kristof Derdaele, CTO & Founder  


IoTdepot offers services that take care of everything from idea to after-sales service. To materialise ideas IoTdepot uses AllThingsTalk Partners+ to the benefit of their customers who can quickly connect and use their devices.

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