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Overview of IoT connectivity

Efficient connectivity is an essential part of IoT solutions.  While WiFi and Bluetooth may be suitable for some use cases, many solutions require Low Power connectivity such as NB-IoT, LTE-m, LoRaWAN, or other wide area or local area protocols.  Low Power connectivity allows maximizing battery life for standalone devices while optimizing the data throughput.
With the ALSO IoT Platform, we support all WAN and LAN connectivity protocols. NB-IoT, LTE-m, LoRa WAN, WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, etc.

If you’re not sure what type of connectivity is best suited for your use case, don’t hesitate to contact us

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Low Power IoT Connectivity Offers

Check out our connectivity offers, whether you are an Integrator, Managed Service Provider, Telecom Operator or a user of IoT solutions.

AllThingsTalk Connectivity+

NB-IoT and LTE-m are two types of SIM-based IoT Low Power connectivity. With our connectivity+ offering, you get global access across countries.

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LoRaWAN is another popular type of Low Power IoT connectivity. Many of the most common LoRaWAN operators such as LORIOT, TTN and many more, are already integrated in our platform allowing seamless connection of your devices

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Mobile operators

Take advantage of the ALSO Reseller Channel to distribute your IoT connectivity in a seamless way. Check out our Partner+ page for details

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