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What we do

We guide you at every stage of the IoT innovation process with ideation and rapid prototyping tools, using the AllThingsTalk Cloud to develop and manage your connected products

What we do

Innovation tools

We design and curate ideation, business generation and hardware prototyping tools, which allow you to discover the most impactful way to develop connected products and services.

Rapid Development Kits Hackathon in a Box

Our flagship development kits kickstart your commerical IoT initiatives in a simple yet highly effective hardware, software and cloud toolset.

Our Rapid Development Kits (RDK) have been built for you and your organisations to learn and explore IoT opportunties with support from leading tech players.

Our kits include

The first all-in-one IoT hackathon solution to let you explore, prototype and experience the Internet of Things.

All the online and offline tools you need to plan, organise and host your own successful IoT Hackathon

  1. Hackathon setup guide
  2. Pre- and post Hackathon online community toolset
  3. Ideation instruments
  4. Rapid Development Kits
  5. Business Model Generation Tools

AllThingsTalk Cloud

The AllThingsTalk Cloud is an IoT rapid prototyping platform to connect your things and your apps, in hours not days.

Connect your devices with web services, let them interact using when-then rules, and store as well as visualise data using mobile or web dashboards.

Beyond prototyping, the AllThingsTalk Cloud is production ready, built to scale and can be white labelled for your own brand products.

Cloud Benefits

The AllThingsTalk Cloud is built using secure, scalable and modern web architecture, a range of IoT and telemetry API's and robust NOSQL databases for storing your data.

We put a strong focus on design and UX to make compelling experiences, which makes it possible for you to focus on your business and not the fine details.

Connect Your things

Connect any device using one of many industry standard IoT protocols.

The open communication stack provides easy integration and maximum security and scalability.

Store Data in the Cloud

A standard set of tools and services to analyse and structure real-time data from connected devices, people and existing web applications.

Algorithms and Machine Learning Smart Components add intelligence to your products and enable autonomous decision making.

Use Apps for your Business

Visualise data with easy-to-use widgets.

Develop domain specific applications.

Build process automation solutions and connect 3rd party back-end systems.

SmartLiving, the AllThingsTalk Cloud Instance for Prototyping is free to use for developers and innovators. You can discover the accessible functionality of the AllThingsTalk Cloud and experiment to learn how to put the Internet of Things to use in your line of business.

Build an IoT demo app in 2 minutes using your smartphone and computer. No other hardware or software downloads required.

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Where is the AllThingsTalk Cloud being used?

The AllThingsTalk Cloud is more than just an IoT Platform. It's an end-to-end solution for connecting any hardware or software platform.
  1. Explore new product functionality - Identify and test opportunties for new connected services using your existing and new product lines
  2. Connect anything - Use existing integrated sensors or add new ones to products and environments to capture data
  1. Collect and visualise data - Modular tools to structure and visualise data in near real-time
  2. Interpret using Smart Data components - User, device and location contextualisation
  3. Build domain and setting specific applications - Design patterns and architecture to deploy applications into offices, homes, vehicles, worksites, factories and retail environments.


Spark the process of innovative thinking across departments within your organisation, with the support of our team of IoT and Startup experts.

IoT Innovation workshop Private Hackathons

The AllThingsTalk IoT Innovation Workshops take you and your teams on an innovation experience to structure ideas, discuss solutions, build hardware prototypes and create viable business opportunities.

We tailor every workshop to your organisation's needs, around three core areas:

  1. Ideation of meaningful usecases - Using our Seven Step Ideation Methodology
  2. IoT hardware prototyping
  3. Business Model Generation and Validation

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Great hackathons we organised

  1. Hack-A-Post - The first hackathon to positively impact society with IoT and postal assets
  2. Iotopia - IoT related school contest
  1. Ideation, prototyping and business model validation bundled into a single event to foster innovative thinking as a continuous process
  2. Private sessions organised over one or more days
  3. Hosted by AllThingsTalk Certified Trainers and IoT specialists
  4. Tailored to the specific challenges of your organisation
  5. Individuals participate from various departments across your organisation
  6. Based on the IoT Methodology framework

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