Using Virtual Assets in ALSO IoT Platform

Virtual Asset is an element within a device to either show calculated values or trigger and visualise customised actions.


Assets are active components that hold value about a measure, either in physical or virtual space.
Most important physical assets are sensors and actuators. Virtual asset has no link to the physical device, but holds higher-value knowledge, usually calculated as a result of on-cloud processing. Examples are health or consumption. 

With virtual assets, you can customise your actions using data from the sensors within your device. For instance, you can create a virtual asset that will:

  • change the colour to red if the temperature is too high, or to blue if the humidity is too high,
  • change the text within the label if you want to represent the textual type of the message,
  • increase the number of the counter,
  • visualise the device's location (history) on the Pinboard
  • and much more!

How to create the Virtual Asset?

  1. Go to your Device,
  2. Click on the + NEW ASSET button,
  3. For Kind > choose Virtual
  4. For Name > it's up to you to pick the name
  5. For Type > depending on your use-case
    1. Integer or Number are good for operating with numbers such as temperature, counter, etc.
    2. Boolean (true/false) is a good choice if you want to simulate industrial LEDs that change colours,
    3. String can be applicable both to change the colour and have the text inside the box,
    4. Location is a good asset to show the location of your devices or the location history in the according Control within the Pinboard.

You will need some time to pass the learning curve and know much about virtual assets, but once you know them, this will certainly improve and scale your use-cases or projects several times! 

How to differ the Virtual asset from other ones

Since there are three types of Assets, that being a Sensor, Actuator and a Virtual asset, you will easily see the asset type by its name within your Device. 

On the picture above, there is a clear distinction which type is assigned to a particular asset.

What to do with Virtual Assets?

As already mentioned above, Virtual Asset is a perfect solution when you want to do a particular actions with the sensor data. Since the sensor data are merely measurements from the environment, you need to derive some intelligence with that data. For instance, you can:

  • Create the visual warning on your Pinboard using Virtual Assets,
  • Track your goods or vehicle with GPS and show it on the Location history map,
  • Count people that enters the particular room or area,
  • and many more! 

If you want to know more about Assets, read this document.  

Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial that will guide you throughout the creation, management and understanding the Virtual Asset, so that you can start improving your project as soon as possible!

Virtual Asset