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Use Things Connected with AllThingsTalk

This tutorial highlights how you as a London based user can use Things Connected as your LoRaWAN Service Provider on AllThingsTalk.

Create an account on ThingsConnected.net

Go to the Things Connected website and register an account.

Create a device and select application

Now we will create and configure our device to work with the AllThingsTalk Maker application.

  • Log in to Things Connected
  • In the left menu, select Add Device
  • Enter a nickname for your device and continue by clicking Next

  • Select the AllThingsTalk Maker tile, _or_ select an already created application connecting to AllThingsTalk Maker

  • Enter a nickname for the new Application and continue by clicking Next
  • A configuration overview is now shown. Clicking Continue to AllThingsTalk Maker will open a new tab and redirect you to the AllThingsTalk Maker Sign in or Sign up screen.
    You are now ready to create your device under AllThingsTalk Maker and build your first LoRa project.

From the device screen above, you will need to copy the following fields to your LoRa device in AllThingsTalk Maker.

  • DevEUI
  • DevAddr
  • AppSKey