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Use Proximus MyThings with AllThingsTalk

About Proximus MyThings

Proximus is a Belgian national telecom operator. The coverage map for the Proximus LoRaWAN network is available here.

The MyThings Integration within AllThingsTalk Maker provides seamless access to the Proximus LoRaWAN network.

How to connect a LoRaWAN device

AllThingsTalk LoRaWAN kit

AllThingsTalk LoRaWAN kits include a 6-month free subscription and are preconfigured at Proximus MyThings network.

To register your device on Maker, navigate to your ground’s Devices screen, and click on + New Device. Select your Kit (Rapid Development Kit or Product Development Kit), and then choose MyThings as your network.

Choose Proximus MyThings when adding new device

On the next screen, fill in your device info using the information provided in the box.

Enter device info when adding new device

That’s it! Your kit is now ready to use. Follow one of the following tutorials to learn how:

Have fun!

Your own LoRaWAN device

AllThingsTalk provides Proximus MyThings support for your own LoraWAN devices as a paid feature. Please contact us at support@allthingstalk.com for more information about available price plans for your LoRaWAN Subscription.

Using your own Proximus MyThings partner account

After building your LoRaWAN prototype on our Maker space, you might consider taking the next step and bring it to the Market. At AllThingsTalk we provide you with a seamless grow path with AllThingsTalk Spaces.

Please contact us at support@allthingstalk.com for more information.