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Use Orange Belgium NB-IoT with AllThingsTalk

Orange Belgium is a cellular network provider offering a 2G/3G/4G and cellular IoT network. This tutorial highlights how you can use Orange as your NB-IoT Service Provider on AllThingsTalk Maker.

Connecting to the Orange NB-IoT network

Depending on your subscription you need to configure the APN (Access Point Name) according:

  • You purchased an Orange NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit and SIM card: starter.att.iot
  • You purchased an Orange NB-IoT SIM card:
    • Maker: att.iot
    • Light: nbiot.iot
    • Plus : nbiot.iot
    • Intense: nbiot.iot

Collecting data using the Orange NB-IoT network

Using the Orange NB-IoT Rapid development Kit

Use this tutorial to get up and running.

Using your own device

Please consult UDP Messaging to understand how to collect your data.