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Use Loriot.io with AllThingsTalk

Loriot is a provider of LoRaWAN network Server and Application Server Software. This tutorial highlights how you can use Loriot as your LoRaWAN Service Provider on AllThingsTalk Maker.

Create an account on Loriot.io

Go to the Loriot.io and register for an account.

Add a LoRa gateway to Loriot.io

Loriot does not deploy their own network of gateways, so depending your location, you might need to install a LoRa gateway to be able for your device to communicate.

If you already have coverage on your location, you can ommit this step.

Add gateway

  • In the left menu, select Gateways
  • Select add your gateway
  • Follow the instructions in the Loriot.io website

Configure the Application Output in your Loriot account

The payload(message) generated by your LoRa device needs to be forwarded to the AllThingsTalk Maker application. This is done by configuring the application output and Target URL.

  • Log in on Loriot.io
  • In the left menu, select Applications
  • Select SampleApp
  • Under Controls select Data output > Edit output
  • Change the data output to AllThingsTalk
  • Confirm the change

Create a LoRa device

Now it’s time to create your LoRa device. Loriot allows you to generate new devices and provides you with a Device EUIDevaddrNwkSKey and AppSKey

Under a SampleApp

  • Select Devices in the left menu
  • Select Generate new device on the left pane

When you select your device, you can access all its details.

From the device screen above, you will need to copy the following fields to your LoRa device in AllThingsTalk Maker

  • DevAddr
  • NwKSKey
  • AppSKey

Make sure to Disable the Reset downlink sequence number

Now you are ready to create your Device under AllThingsTalk Maker and build your first LoRa project!