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Interpreting the data from your device with ABCL

How it is done?

First, what is ABCL? 

One of the most common challenges in IoT is often lack of hardware resources. Because of this, the design is usually done in a very minimalistic way. For example, to transfer temperature data, a device could send a message that looks like “1E” instead of “Temperature: 30 Degrees”, but how does the platform understand what the “1E” means?

This is where the AllThingsTalk Binary Conversion Language (also known as ABCL) comes in. It basically defines how certain payloads should be interpreted. 


Why should I update ABCL? 

We often make improvements in the way how we work with different devices and these changes sometimes require a manual update of the ABCL. 

We currently don't push these changes on existing devices. These updates are automatically applied to new devices at the time of activation, on the other hand a manual update is suggested for existing devices, which is the purpose of this guide. 

How do I update an existing ABCL?

The example below is done with a Workplace+ Eye Device but the steps shown are universal and valid for any type of device

1. Go to your desired ground and open the device where you wish to change the ABCL. 


2. Go to Device Settings.


3. Select Payload Formats


4. Payload Formats window will open. You will notice that the use of ABCL is already enabled.


5. Select all the text and then remove it.


6. Paste the new ABCL code and click  Save. You will receive the following confirmation:



7. Please close the settings menu by clicking X in the top right corner. 



Here you can see a video showing all the steps, this time on another device. As indicated, the steps for updating the ABCL are the same, no matter the type of device.

HubSpot Video



Recent updates for ERS Devices

Mid February a nice improvement has been done to allow on the ERS DESK and EYE a faster reporting of the changes in occupancy. To benefit  from this change on devices implemented before 15-February, the ABCL Should be updated manually.

All the DESK and EYE devices implemented after that date will incorporate automatically the recent improvements.

If you have DESK or EYE devices implemented before 15-February, please download the corresponding ABCL codes from here and then proceed with the manual update.

ABCL for ERS EYE for devices implemented before 15-February-2021

ABCL for ERS DESK for devices implemented before 15-February-2021