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Try our IoT Platform with your smartphone as an IoT device

This document is a guide to how to set up the AllThingsTalk Maker platform through the sign-up process, activating the account and on-boarding the IoT platform.
It is made to help convert your idea that may become a business one. But, first steps first. 😊 Therefore, let us guide you through the e-mail verification and testing the platform, then we can collaborate further to bring your idea to the concrete level.

1. Go to the link https://maker.allthingstalk.com/signup and go through the sign-in process:

2. You will receive the activation link for created account. Your first step done!

3. Go to your e-mail’s inbox and click on the activation link. After that, log-in to the Maker . The image below shows the home page of the AllThingsTalk Maker platform.

4. To start adding your device, a smartphone, click on the Playground and the window to connect your device will open.

5. After you click on “+ CONNECT A DEVICE,” choose a device – Your Smartphone.

6. The next screen will show you a QR code to connect your smartphone and start sending data to the platform (you may need 3rd party application for QR code).
If you don’t have a QR code, you can enter the provided  URL in website. Something like https://s.allthingstalk.io/TBvHqEB8 (you will receive one specific for you).

7. After you have scanned the QR code or entered the URL into your smartphone browser, the page with supported assets that send data will be present on the web-page.

8. Great! You started sending some data to the maker.allthingstalk.com platform, and you can see these parameters online.

Congratulations! 👍 You have successfully connected your own IoT device to our platform. We wish you a great journey in the IoT world and to find everything that makes our collaboration efficient.