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The biggest redesign yet - New Pinboards! 🎉

You asked and we listened. We took the Pinboards apart and made them better, from all the suggestions we received.


Pinboards let you visualise ground data by showing it in graphical widgets.
 Widgets can show states of a single device, group of devices, an asset or group of assets. You can visualise data coming from any device in ground, including shared devices.

Listing ground pinboards

There can be unlimited number of Pinboards within a ground. You can access ground Pinboards from the main ground navigation. 
Ground owner and all ground members can list all ground Pinboards, regardless of who has created them.

Viewing a Pinboard

Viewing a Pinboard allows you to view any data that has been made visible in widgets. Widgets update data in real-time, so whenever a device updates an asset state, you will be able to see the change.

Viewing a Pinboard on tablet and mobile devices

Pinboard designer has the ability to arrange the widgets of a single Pinboard in three different views: for desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile devices. When a ground member opens a Pinboard on a tablet device it will show the widgets optimally arranged for that type of screen.

Creating new Pinboard

Ground owner and ground members with editor permissions can create new Pinboards and arrange them. You can create an unlimited number of ground Pinboards.
To create a pinboard:
  1. In the main ground navigation, go to Pinboards
  2. Choose to create a new Pinboard by clicking + tile
    • You’ll get a blank Pinboard, ready for arranging

Arranging a Pinboard

In order to present your ground data, you can arrange a Pinboard any way you like.
All changes made in a Pinboard are saved immediately; you can use undo and redo for all the actions as well.


Widgets are UI elements that either visually display an asset’s current state or ‘last known’ data (e.g. label, map), or allow you to actuate a device (e.g. button, slider). It also shows the timestamp of the shown state.

Pinning widgets

All available widgets live in Widgets library. You can search by widget title, or scroll through the library to find the best suited widget to visualize certain data you have in mind. 
Just drag a widget and drop it anywhere in the grid. Now you can define which data source will be applied to the widget. Depending on type of the widget this can be an asset, multiple assets, a device, or multiple devices.
  • When you select the data source the widget will show the current state.
  • You can move on to set the preferences (for widgets that offer them).

Moving and resizing widgets

You can freely move the widgets around the grid, and resize them to any rectangular size you like.

Optimising Pinboards for viewing in portable devices

Depending on a use case, it might be needed to view a Pinboard on tablet or mobile device. In order to allow you to arrange Pinboards for those devices, you can set independent arrangements for desktop, tablet and mobile device.
Arranging can be done only on desktop/laptop devices. Pinboards can be viewed on tablet and mobile devices, but not arranged.

Sharing a Pinboard

By default, Pinboards in a ground are visible to ground members only. One way to make them visible to more people — e.g. those without an account — is to copy a *shared Pinboard link* and share it with others.

Shared link

Shared link and generated as soon as you create a Pinboard. Copy the link and share it with the people you trust, so they could open it and view the pPinboard and all its content and data changes in real time.

 warning Make sure that you share the link with people that you trust. Anyone with the link will be able to see data that might be privacy sensitive


Embedding shared Pinboard

In case you want to embed a shared Pinboard in your own website, copy and paste the embed link as an iframe.
That way you provide data visualisations to your existing website audience, without redirecting them to AllThingsTalk Maker. 

Pausing a shared Pinboard link

In case you want to stop sharing a Pinboard you can disable the shared Pinboard link by toggling it. This will prevent people who has the link from viewing the Pinboard.

Viewing shared Pinboard without signing in

Anyone that you send the Pinboard link can view the Pinboard without signing in to AllThingsTalk Maker. However, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your devices, viewers are prevented from using actuation controls.

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