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SafeSpace+ device: User Manual

Read this document to get familiar with all the information needed to safely operate with the device.


The official User Manual is available HERE.

Always refer to this document to get the correct information about:

  • Product information
  • Configurable settings
  • Installation step-by-step guidelines
  • Power ON the device

1. Product information

The LoRaWAN People Counter is a battery powered sensor for counting people crossing a horizontal line. The counter consists of two parts, an infrared (IR) transmitter part and an infrared receiver part, which always work together. The IR transmitter sends the infrared signal. The IR receiver is the main part and holds the intelligence and communication with the outside world.

1.2 Principle of work

The IR transmitter device points the IR beam horizontal towards the IR receiver part at a recommended height. When this beam is interrupted, the algorithm in the IR receiver part determines if this was a person and determines the direction A or B.

1.3 Communication

The created data is communicated from the internal algorithm microprocessor to the internal gateway microprocessor. The internal gateway processor communicates this information to the internal LoRaWAN (Certified) module which takes care of the communication with the LoRaWAN network.

Settings for the LoRaWAN interface are done via NFC memory.

1.4 Specifications

For main technical specification please refer the ​product sheet​.

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