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Get started with Maker & AllThingsTalk Cloud

Maker is the free version of the AllThingsTalk Cloud. It allows you to explore the functionalities of our platform and helps you build your own IoT prototypes quickly.

The free Maker account is available for non-commercial use. Read our Terms of Use .


After you created an account and logged in, the landing page will give you an overview of all Grounds you own or are a member of. Once you enter a certain ground, you have several menus available to navigate and interact with all devices in that ground.

AllThingsTalk Maker
  1. Ground menu: This menu contains actions (delete, view activity, toggle notifications) as well as general info about this ground.
  2. Grounds overview: A drop-down menu containing all grounds you own or are a member of.
  3. Account menu: This menu is always available on the main page as it contains all general info (not ground specific). You can get an overview of your gateways & devices across all grounds in your account. Also, it contains info about your user profile, the link to quick guide and lastly, the sign-out option.
  4. Notifications: Your personal notifications will appear here.

      Your own IoT cloud

      If you want to go one step further and start your own IoT cloud based on AllThingsTalk, we are happy to provide you with a Private Space where you can grow and scale your IoT business.