Monitor your work space with the Sensor Map application

Using our Sensor Map application, you can monitor your shared desks or meeting rooms with a cool visualisation in the real-time


Many shared work spaces are keen to be occupied in the very moment when you want to use your favourite desk or some other hot-spot area. The air quality, humidity and temperature in the office are the parameters that directly impact your productivity and thus, you'll be always oriented to find the best spots where you feel comfortable to realise your ideas and keep the business going well. For this cause, we have created the Sensor Map application that enables anyone to monitor the work spaces occupancy in the real time. 


So, you can either insert the floor plan image or the one taken with your smartphone or a professional camera. Whatever makes the relation to your work space better, we gave our efforts to enable it for you. 

Enabling the Sensor Map

To use the Sensor Map, you'll certainly need several devices that will monitor the objects' occupancy, being that a couch, a work desk, a meeting room, toilet, etc. The ones we currently use are a desk occupancy, a meeting room, a CO2 and a sound devices. They are measuring the desk/meeting room presence, the indoor humidity and temperature,  CO2 levels, sound pressure, light levels and other parameters important for monitoring the work space environment to improve it for your residents or colleagues. 


Add the Sensor Map

Once you have your Ground within the IoT Platform account, you'll have the APPLICATIONS tab on the left sidebar. 

To add your Sensor Map:

  1. Click on the APPLICATIONS tab,
  2. Then on the Sensor Map tile,
  3. Lastly, click on CREATE SENSOR MAP button,
  4. Insert or drop your work space image,
  5. Great! You're ready to relate it to your work space.

Insert the Pins to your work space

One you've inserted the image of your work space, either the top view or taken with a (smartphone) camera, you need to insert Pins that will be related to data coming from your sensor devices (i.e. the desk/meeting room occupancy, CO2 sensor device or a Sound one), to this map. 

Note: when you add the Pins related to your devices, make sure that you choose colors that represent the real state of the object's occupancy (e.g. the green color if the desk is free, the red color if it's occupied).

Now, feel free to add the Pins related to devices from which you know the object's occupancy:

  1. Having the "+" pointer, click on some object (e.g. a desk) of the work space,
  2. Choose a (sensor) device that is related to this object (e.g. the desk occupancy device),
  3. Set the colors for both TRUE and FALSE values
    1. You can choose the green one when the desk is free (FALSE), and
    2. the red color when the desk is occuped (TRUE)
  4. Click on APPLY to add this Pin,
  5. Repeat the process for all the devices which you have in your work space.

Finally, you'll have the edited Sensor Map similar to the one below. You can see that one meeting room is occupied while the other is free, and three desks are free and one is occupied, accordingly.

Video Tutorial

To make your devices' integration within the Sensor Map application successful, we provide you with the complete video tutorial that will facilitate the whole procedure. 

if you have some issues with the Sensor Map application and not able to map all the devices to the image, or if you have some suggestions for its improvement, please contact us on our support

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The turbulent business world requires constant adaptation and improvements to stay competitive on the market. People who are in this whirlwind need to know where to sit down and wrap their head around to get job done. Therefore, their productivity is the key player they need to have at its peak every single day to stay both satisfied and creative while performing "business as usual". 

The Sensor Map is the way to go. Know immediately if your hot-spot is free to use or the meeting room is too hot to use and hence requires an immediate air conditioning. Your productivity brings a lot to your daily business, because if you're not feeling comfortable, your concentration and energy level are certainly not at their best. You can act upon this with just a few sensors and the Ground subscription on our IoT Platform. 


We are open to discuss your business ideas and help you turn your environment into something where you'll really like to work in.

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