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Grounds on AllThingsTalk

What are Grounds?

Grounds allow people with common interests to share their connected resources. This enables better collaboration and more resources to work with for everybody. When an AllThingsTalk Maker account is created, a default ground called playground is created to get you started. You can edit ground names, add devices to it & also share it with users on the platform. A ground can also be deleted, however it is possible only when there are no devices created in the ground. 

As a Maker you are restricted to only 1 ground with a maximum of 5 devices. For additional Grounds you can explore our Maker+ options.


Ground owner

The user who created the ground.

  • Add or remove other AllThingsTalk users as a member to or from the ground
  • Command a ground device
  • Add or remove devices to or from the ground
  • + all options a ground member has

Ground member

  • Receive ground activity notifications
  • + all options a regular user has

Any AllThingsTalk user

  • View any device serving the ground
  • View assets of devices
  • View members of the ground

For a regular user to view the ground, they have to know the url of the ground.


In the grounds menu, a ground members can turn on/off notifications for this ground. When turned on, they will receive notifications on every ground change. This includes but not limited to:

  • ground updates, ex new members
  • device change
  • any asset state change

Ground pinboards

In a ground you can create multiple dashboards to give you an overview of a certain subset of assets from devices in that ground.
Check the Pinboards section for more information.