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Get started with Seeed Studio Wio Link board

The next steps will guide you during the installation of the hardware profile for the Wio Link board.

The Wio Link board profile is available through the Arduino Boards Manager. In order to install the board files you will need to first add the ESP8266 community board manager URL.

  • Go to File > Preferences and add the following URL to Additional Board Manager URLs:http://arduino.esp8266.com/stable/package_esp8266com_index.json

Arduino IDE preferences

  • Next open the Board Manger via Tools > Board > Board Manager. You can then search for and install the Wio Link board. Select and install the Esp8266 package by the ESP8266 Community.

Arduino SODAQ board manager

Selecting the Wio Link Hardware profile

The Arduino IDE will now have the Wio Link board added to the list found in the menu under tools >board. You simply need to select that hardware profile as the board that the Arduino IDE will use.

Select SODAQ board

Configuring the Serial Port

It could occur that your system doesn’t not automatically find the correct driver it is advisable to download additional drivers from here:.

The driver adds a communication port. In Windows this is COMx (so COM1COM6etc.). On Linux and Mac the port name starts with /dev/tty. You can find the list of available serial ports in the menu under Tools->Port:

Select COM Port