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FAQ: Bosch Parking Lot Sensor

Find the quick technical support for the Bosch Parking Lot Sensor using this FAQ.


  1. What is the Bosch Parking Lot Sensor (PLS)?
    1. It is the wireless LoRaWAN parking lot sensor that detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management reservation.
  2. Which applications can be covered with this solution?
    1. Parking Lot occupancy monitoring for Smart Buildings,
    2. eCharging Parking Lot monitoring & Billing.
  3. In which countries or regions can I use this sensor?
    1. The Bosch Parking Lot Sensor (TPS110EU) can be used in all countries within Europe.
  4. Is there some use-case to get a better insight of the real-world implementation?
    1. Sure. Bosch has successfully implemented the smart parking pilot project in Mantua (Italy) with several partners. 66 Bosch Parking Lot Sensors have been installed in the city center of Mantua.


  1. Does the Bosch Parking lot sensor needs to be calibrated?
    1. No, a Self-learning algorithm ensures detection of car occupancy is reported correctly without the need of calibration. The self-learning algorithm needs 10 parking changes (teach-in phase) until the sensor is in the optimal accuracy.
  2. Which protection does the Bosch parking Lot sensor has? 
    1. The Bosch Parking Lot sensors has an IP67 protection and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  3. How Long does the battery last in the Bosch Parking  Lot sensor?
    1. A Lithium battery ensures a lifetime of up to 5 years
  4. How long does it take for the sensor to report a change in parking status?
    1. A parking event can last for 15-30s, for this reason the sensor is designed in such a way that the sensor reports a change of parking condition after 35s.
  5. At what point after installation/commissioning does the sensor reach its operational performance?
    1. The self-learning algorithm needs 10 parking changes (teach-in phase) until the sensor is in the optimal accuracy.
  6. Which connectivity is used in the Bosch Parking Lot Sensor?
    1. The Bosch parking Lot Sensor is based on the LoRaWAN protocol.
  7. Is the Sensor LoRaWAN certified?
    1. Yes, https://lora-alliance.org/sites/default/files/2018-12/mde_bosch_1828_01.pdf
  8. How many sensors can i connect to one Gateway?
    1. This depends on the type of gateway, but most LoRaWAN gateways can support thousands of sensors.
  9. How can i aggregate the data from the Bosch parking Lot Sensor?
    1. The Bosch parking Lot sensor is fully supported on the ALSO IoT Cloud platform and can be rolled-out easily thanks to the one-click provisioning mechanism. Aggregating the sensor data has never been so easy.
  10. What is the ALSO IoT Cloud platform ?
    1. The ALSO IoT Platform is a fully managed IoT platform which allow you to connect, collect, visualize data from physical object. The open architecture of the platform allow you to integrate with any application or backend system of your choice. For more information about the ALSO IoT platform visit https://www.allthingstalk.com/iot-also-resellers
  11. Which LoRaWAN Network server infrastructure can I use?
    1. The ALSO IoT Cloud platform includes an instance of the Loriot Network server infrastructure. The provisioning on the network is fully automated thanks to the one-click provisioning mechanism.
  12. Can i use my own  LoRaWAN Network server infrastructure?
    1. Yes, of course, please contact our support in the following way:
      1. If you’re a reseller, file a support ticket through the Support Portal in your ACMP account,
      2. If you’re an end-user, contact your reseller for more information about this matter. 
  13. Where I can find the datasheet?
    1. Bosch provides the complete datasheet with pictures and all the needed information.


For more details about this product, you can always refer to the Bosch’s online faq or to the product related website.