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Device management permissions

What is device management permission?

As a group of people, you can do more when you’re working in team. With device management permissions, you allow people in your ground to manage devices just like you do.

Setting device management permissions

As a ground owner, you can allow people in your ground to co-manage devices together with you by going to ground Settings, and changing Device management permissions to Members. After that, all ground members will be able to add and manage devices in your ground.

Ground settings - Device management permissions
Ground settings - Members can add and manage devices

Adding new devices

Given Device management permissions are set to Members, all members can add new devices to the ground, so it’s easier to delegate that task between people in the ground. This way more people can contribute to connect as many devices in the ground as possible.

Managing devices

Besides adding devices, after changing device management permissions everyone in the ground are able to manage any existing device in the ground.
More specifically, members will be able to

  • change device title and description,
  • delete device,
  • create new, update or delete an asset,
  • publish asset state or actuate an asset,
  • view device settings and
    • view authentication details
    • generate new or delete existing token
    • view connectivity details
    • connect to or disconnect device from network
    • view payload format settings
    • set custom payload conversion (ABCL) or revert to default payload format
    • turn on or off data storage
    • request and receive an export of historical data
    • delete historical data

Sharing devices

As a ground member, you will be able to help out your team in sharing valuable data and therefore let other people leverage on data being collected in your common ground.
This means that as a member you can

  • share a device to another ground
  • view native device’s remote grounds
  • remove native device from remote ground
  • remove a device shared to your ground

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