Asset Tracking Devices and their configuration.

Let's see how the configuration for these devices works.

Currently we are working on our portfolio with two asset tracking devices.

The Oyster 2


The Falcon


Both devices are provided by Digital Matter, a company with a lot experience on the field. Now when it comes to the configuration of the devices we have basically 3 options:


A. Standard Configuration is applied.

Based on the experience, the supplier has defined some standard settings. which are a very good starting point. There is no a unique configuration that would match perfectly each case, however in the practice this initial setup is already a very good start. Each device will come with these settings so there is no action required from the user side. This is an option that we recommend.


B. Small fine tuning of settings.

Based on a particular use case, it could happen that the recommended settings need to be adapted to match in a better way user needs in real life. For instance, by default the device will capture the location details each two minutes, it could be that the user needs a bit more of accuracy and would like to have it done each 60 seconds. Such small and punctual changes can be requested to our support team and we will be glad to assist on that.


C. Special settings to be defined and configured completely by the user.

It could be that for a particular reason, not only 1 setting but many settings need to be adjusted, it's not very clear how they should be adjusted and for this reason they should be adjusted very frequently, many times. This could be the case, for instance when the use is experimenting with a very particular use case (for instance shock detection on golf cars, trajectory deviation in scooters, etc) and as result of this many iterations are needed until the moment the final configuration is needed. It could be even that final configuration doesn't exist and we need to update it regularly...

On these cases, even if we could move forward with the option B, it makes sense to delegate the administration so the user can have more autonomy. This can be requested to our support team, we will be glad to give you the access and show you the fundamentals. To have the user created with the correct profile and rights, we will open the corresponding case with Digital Matter.


More information about devices and their groups can be found here.