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SKU 301S-LOR01-WPLP012-01

AllThingsTalk by ALSO Workplace+ with Bosch Parking Lot Sensor

Product description

The Workplace+ Bosch Parking Lot Sensor is an extension to ALSO Workplace+ Solution Accelerator.  It allows monitoring of your parking lot usage and visualising data on the ALSO IoT Platform. Using the LoRaWAN wireless technology it provides robust connectivity while ensuring long battery lifetime (up to 5 years).

Key features highlights :
  • Robust algorithm for parking space occupancy detection
  • Two independent sensor principles: magnetometer and radar
  • Up to 5 years battery lifetime
Performance parameters:
  • Model based optimized parking state detection algorithm development with millions of data points from real parking events
  • 96% average parking state change detection performance proven in field-tests with more than 2000 sensors and more than 46 different car types in real parking environments.
  • Adaptive algorithms ensure highest detection reliability during the whole sensor lifetime
  • Self-learning calibration during the first five parking events
  • Reporting of parking state changes within 35 seconds (typical)
Specifications :
  • RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
  • LoRa Class Class A
  • Battery type Lithium ion
  • Operating Temperature (min to max) -30/+65°
  • Depth (cm) 0.1044
  • Width (cm) 0.1044
  • Height (cm) 0.0282
  • Certification LoRa® Alliance



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